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ONIX Pickleball Owl Eyewear

ONIX Pickleball Owl Eyewear

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The ONIX Pickleball Owl Eyewear gives players three different options of lenses so they're protected from harsh lighting and impact wherever they play. The vented lenses come in clear, smoke and blue tinted options so they can be swapped out as needed. Molded ear pads and soft nose pieces add comfort and security with the optional elastic strap providing a high level of stability to prevent slipping.

The ONIX Pickleball Owl Eyewear has a slightly slanted rectangular shape set in a light weight but durable frame. The lenses are treated to be scratch and fog resistant so they can be used for many games. They are also 99.9% UV resistant so players can ensure their eyes will stay safe from the sun. The frames are partly clear and partly orange, creating an interesting look with the Onix name and logo on the side. A pouch comes with every purchase to hold all the accessories.

The ONIX Pickleball Owl Eyewear is a smart investment to defend your eyes and negate the distracting effects of difficult lighting.
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