Having both graduated from Auburn years ago, my husband and I knew we would one day love to return to live here full time.  We made that vision a reality in early 2022 and settled full time in Opelika after spending more than 20 years in Atlanta.  We underwent quite a few changes, one of them engaging with the local pickleball community.  Coming from a strong tennis background, I knew pickleball would offer the same sense of belonging and lifestyle.  Dink and Volley is the culmination of this community I have found in my new venture in Opelika, and I want to help share that with others.  Whether you are a seasoned player or someone new to the sport, we have everything you need from equipment, apparel, home and lifestyle items to advice and guidance.  Get out there and play!

Deirdre Hill owner of Dink and Volley

Deirdre Hill, Owner

Dink and Volley Pickleball