Crete Paddle


"You won't find a prettier lightweight paddle than this." COSMOPOLITAN

Pickleball is Fun! So should your paddles and accessories! This is at the heart of why Carly and Taylor of Tangerine set out to create the most vibrant and colorful pickleball products in the world. They created Tangerine because of the love of spending time outside with friends playing pickleball, and looking good doing it!

Enjoy the brand and products that reflect that spirit of fun, camaraderie, and friendly competition.

About the paddle:

  • Lightweight design for improved hand-speed
  • Elongated face for improved power
  • Fiberglass Surface provides improved 'pop' on your shots
  • Paddle Thickness designed for both power and accuracy
  • Durable honeycomb core and fiberglass surface material
    • 15.65'' Length x 7.7'' Wide
    • 7.6 oz. Weight
    • 5'' Handle length
    • 4.25" Grip circumstance

    Core Thickness: 13mm
    Shape: Rectangular with rounded corners
    Grip Tape: Chestnut Brown

    All Tangerine Paddles are USA Pickleball Approved