I Dink, Therfore I am Book


Much to his surprise, longtime newspaper humor writer Frank Cerabino has fallen under the spell of pickleball, the fastest growing sport in America.

In this funny compilation of essays on the sport, Cerabino writes a personal story about his journey into becoming a pickleball evangelist.

He lays out the charms and allure of this funny-sounding game that looks like ping-pong played on a small tennis court. And he invites the reader to pick up a paddle and discover, as he did, the joys of saying, "Zero, zero, two," every day.

This book, Cerabino writes, is not a "how to" book on pickleball, but a "why to" book on the game. It serves as a perfect intro for a pickleball-curious reader and anyone looking to understand why pickleball is surging in its popularity.